Incorporate Promotion Carrier Bags for Your Company’s Marketing

promotional carrier bagYour company’s promotional gifts will serve your brand well if they are attractive, functional and well designed. If any of these qualities lacks, you will find that clients, potential customers and professional partners don’t make proper use of the items you offer as marketing gifts. Printed promotional carrier bags not only meet all of those criteria, but they are also affordable for most companies when purchased in bulk.

Endless Branding Opportunities

Carrier bags are one of the easies promotional gifts to brand. You have two flat surfaces on each bag, so there is more than enough space to include your company’s logo, slogan, name and contact information. You can also feature images of a product that you want to promote or creative images that represent your brand in an attractive manner.

You can also purchase carrier bags in a variety of colors, allowing you to stick with your company’s color scheme. You may also choose to select a bright color that grabs attention at trade shows or in everyday life when your bags are put to good use.

The Gift of Functionality

Everyone has a reason to use a durable carrier bag at some point in their life. This is one of the most functional promotional items you can purchase because recipients can use them to carry an endless list of items. Even if your products won’t fit into a single bag, you can hand them out and depend on others to find ways to use them. From carrying home groceries to packing clothing for an overnight trip, carrier bags are convenient and easy to use.

Once your customers, business partners or interested parties from trade shows pick up your carrier bags, they will promote your company every time they use the bag. Make sure your web address, phone number and company name are easy to see so that people looking at the bag in passing will notice that contact information and remember it when they need a company offering your products or services.

Versatility on Your Side

While there are many different ways for potential customers to use your promotional carry bags, there are many different ways for you to use them as well. Here is just a short list to get your creativity flowing:

  • Hand empty bags out at trade shows
  • Use them as employee gifts at the annual Christmas party
  • Stuff them with other promotional items and give them away in a social media contest
  • Fill them with goodies and leave them in hotel rooms when important clients visit
  • Decorate them for specific promotional events and hand them out empty or stuffed

If you have ever found yourself stuck with boxes of promotional items leftover from an event, you know how expensive it is when you over order a marketing item. This is never a problem with carrier bags because there are so many ways you can use them. Even if they are branded for a specific event, you can hand leftovers out to employees knowing that they will find a way to use them or hand them out to their friends and family members. With more people than ever carrying their own eco-friendly bags to the grocery store, everyone is happy to receive this type of bag free of charge.

Selecting the Perfect Carrier Bag

Carrier bags come in a variety of sizes with different types of handles. Some are made from durable materials that are higher priced while others are value-priced with slightly less durable materials. You have to consider your budget and what you plan to do with the bag when selecting the perfect bag to represent your company.

For instance, you may spend a bit more money on carrier bags to give to your most important clients while selecting the cheapest bag possible to hand out at a trade show. What’s important is that you keep them in stock because you will find so many ways to market with this functional promotional item.

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