Why Should We Use The Eco-Friendly ‘Bag For Life’ Carrier Bag

bag for lifeBags for life are reusable shopping bags that take the place of plastic or paper bags at the cash register. They are lightweight, biodegradable and non-disposable, but made with strong natural or synthetic materials. Bags for life are used for more things than carting around groceries.

Companies like to use them as a way to advertise products and events. The more times that a bag is used, the more chances that others get to see it. This is very advantageous for companies.

Storeowners have found that people will purchase reusable shopping bags more often if these bags are presented in a way that makes them more stylish, durable and practical. Thus, they are available in different designs and styles, and they display various important messages.

The Materials Used

Reusable shopping bags are made with materials such as jute, non-woven polypropylene, woven polypropylene, canvas or cotton. Cotton carrier bags are inexpensive and available in many different colors, designs and styles. These bags come in organic cotton too.


Incorporate Promotion Carrier Bags for Your Company’s Marketing

promotional carrier bagYour company’s promotional gifts will serve your brand well if they are attractive, functional and well designed. If any of these qualities lacks, you will find that clients, potential customers and professional partners don’t make proper use of the items you offer as marketing gifts. Printed promotional carrier bags not only meet all of those criteria, but they are also affordable for most companies when purchased in bulk.

Endless Branding Opportunities

Carrier bags are one of the easies promotional gifts to brand. You have two flat surfaces on each bag, so there is more than enough space to include your company’s logo, slogan, name and contact information. You can also feature images of a product that you want to promote or creative images that represent your brand in an attractive manner.

You can also purchase carrier bags in a variety of colors, allowing you to stick with your company’s color scheme. You may also choose to select a bright color that grabs attention at trade shows or in everyday life when your bags are put to good use.


Do You Choose Plastic or Paper Carrier Bags?

shopping bagsWhich one do you prefer the most? Do you like to use plastic or paper carrier bags? Some might deem this is such a trivial question, but is it really? Both disadvantages and advantages exist when it comes to using each type of bag and these things will be discussed below.

The Advantages of Using Paper Carrier Bags

Reasons for why using paper carrier bags is advantageous are numerous. They are strong and eco-friendly because they are derived from a natural source such as trees. This is a biodegradable wood source that is organic, reusable and recyclable. In order to recycle paper, it has to be collected, re-pulped, washed and separated into pulp fibers, which is a simple process.

Even companies and individual consumers find using these bags very beneficial. Advertisers print their logos on the exteriors of paper carrier bags by using different inks, printing options, colors and fonts. Consumers have different styles to choose from because laminates and varnishes are added to create different designs. Even an assortment of handles are available such as patch, twisted, rope and tape.